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Workout of the Week - MHAW

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to encourage as many people to get active as possible! Being active is not only great for your physical health but can also improve your mental wellbeing! (NHS)

Our Coach Lewis has included a workout below, ideal for completing at home. He has provided demonstrations to all exercises at the bottom of the page so even those new to exrercise will know exactly what they need to do! 


Warm Up

10 reps of:

Glute Bridges, Scapular Retractions, Cat/Cow, Adductor Rockbacks, Supermans, Downward Dog, Squats, Split-Squats, Lateral floor touches, Arm Circles



Choose your intensity:

30s working / 30s rest 40s working / 20s rest 50s working / 10s rest

Depending on your choice you will be working for a set time and resting for a set time after each exercise before, this will allow some recovery before staring the next exercise. This is a circuit approach, so only do 1 set of each exercise every round.

4 rounds of:

Air Squats (alternative: sit to stand)

Slow Mountain Climbers


Alternating Reverse Lunges (alternative: supported reverse lunge)

Shoulder Taps (alternative: Kneeling shoulder taps)



Each stretch should last a minimum of 30s but stretch for longer on tighter muscles.

Supine Glute Stretch

Prone Quad Stretch

Half Kneeling Stretch with Overhead Reach

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Shoulder Crossover Stretch

Seated Chest/ Shoulder Stretch

Standing Calf Stretch