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Membership Freeze

If you would like to freeze your membership, please complete the form below. 

If you pay via Direct Debit, this will freeze your payments for the amount of months specified. If you Paid in Full for your membership, your membership term will be extended by the amount of months specified. 

Once your request has been recieved, it will be processed and a confirmation email will be sent. 


Freezes of membership will only be considered according to the terms set out in the membership terms and conditions.

6.4 Freezing of Membership

6.4.1 Members wishing to temporarily freeze their Membership may do so at the discretion of the University. The Member is obligated to fulfil the period of the frozen Membership in addition to the minimum period of their Membership (For example, a 12 month Membership plus 2 months where the Membership is frozen would equate to a 14 month total obligation).

6.4.2 Dependent on the reason for the request to freeze a Membership, a nominal charge may be applied for the period that the Membership freeze is in effect. Any charge will be made clear to the Member in response to the request.

6.4.3 Membership freezes will be considered in the event of any of the following changes to their personal circumstances:

-Long term injury or illness;

-Pregnancy or birth or adoption of a child;

-Death of a partner or dependent;

-University of Cambridge Staff temporarily moving away from the area for work purposes.

6.6.4 Memberships can be frozen for a minimum period of 1 month

6.6.5 Freeze requests must be sent in writing to

You can only freeze your membership in complete calendar months. The current limit on membership freezes is six months.