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Open Fives Night

Open Fives Night

The University of Cambridge Sports Centre is pleased to offer in conjuction with the Cambridge Eton Fives Club the chance for you to play Eton Fives and Rugby Fives.

Eton Fives is a hand-ball game, played in a three-sided court. It is only played as "doubles" (i.e. by two teams of two players), there being no official "singles" version of the game. Players wear padded leather gloves, since the ball (which is slightly large than a golf-ball and made of rubber and cork) is quite hard. It is in the same sporting "family" as other hand ball games such as Rugby Fives, Winchester Fives, American Handball, Irish Handball, and the various Basque games, Pelota Vasca. (

Rugby Fives is similar to Eton Fives but played with a slightly different ball, a stripped back court and the option to play singles. 

Find out more about Eton Fives and Rugby Fives.


Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm


FREE to all members


To book the Open Fives Night, please use our mobile App.

For questions about Open Fives Night, please contact James Powley (Head Squash and Fives Coach)




Image: Elodie Guige