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Table Tennis Coaching

Table tennis is truly a sport for everyone - it is fun to play, technically challenging, it engages your mind and can also be very social. When this sport is part of your life, you are faster, more agile, perceptive and thoughtful than others. You gain a big amount of self confidence which follows you through your entire life. Table tennis helps you to become a better version of yourself.

The University of Cambridge Sports Centre is pleased to have formed a relationship with Ferenc from Paragon Table Tennis. Some of Ferenc's achievements include: 

- 25 years of professional player experience, playing in the top leagues in Hungary, Spain, Sweden and Norway (Top 10 junior and Top 30 senior player in Hungary)

- 15 years of international coaching experience from beginner to international level players

- Extensive experience in coaching players with disabilities - He has been an assistant coach for the Disabled Hungarian National Team for 12 years

- Winning the Norwegian Senior Team Champion title two times (2014/15 and 2015/16) 

- A qualified table tennis sports coach, in the UK recognised as aTable Tennis England Foreign 2 Level Licensed Coach

- The lead coach of the Paragon Table Tennis workshop in Cambridge


Ferenc will be offering coaching sessions at the The University Sports Centre. 

Individual or Partner Sessions

Bookings for 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 sessions should be made online at Paragon Table Tennis "Book Online" section. Availability can be seen on the booking timetable. Book Online

These sessions are priced at £30 per hour. 


Group sessions

Registration to intro courses and group sessions are through the "Group Sessions" section on the paragon website. Group Sessions


Drop-in price: £8 per session (2 hours)

Monthly Paragon Membership price: £50 (unlimited sessions per month)

Paragon Pathway Package (requirement 80% session participancy): £120 per month (unilimited sessions, 4 free extra 1-on-1 supplement training per month, video analysis, development plan, tournament coaching when applicable)

Daily table tennis training camp price: £40 per day (6 hours of training time)


To find out more information about Table Tennis Coaching, please visit the Paragon Table Tennis Website