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Sporting Moment 2020 - Vote Now!


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This award is for that sporting moment that will never be forgotten, featuring four spectacular sporting moments. Enjoy the videos and read the captions for context!

Votes for the Sporting Moment of the Year 2020 will close on Tuesday 28 April at 10pm. A maximum of 1 vote per person is allowed, and any duplicate votes will not be counted, so please only vote once! The moment with the most votes will be the award winner!


1. Coreen Grant - CU Rugby Union Football Club - Varsity Match

Video credit - The Varsity Match Company Ltd

"Coreen Grant doing the business!"

"Incredible solo try to win the Varsity Match for Cambridge at Twickenham with just minutes left on the clock."

Nomination from CURUFC


2. John Harrison - CU Association Football Club - Falcons Varsity

Video credit - CUAFC

"They haven't reckoned with John Harrison"

"01/03/20. Football 2s Varsity. Newmarket Town. 96th minute. 2-2. The tricky Oxford striker wriggles free in the box, and in desperation the exhausted centre back (myself) sticks a leg in to make a tackle. However, it is horrendously mistimed, brings down the striker and the ref points to the spot. Heartbreak.

The Oxford number 7, having scored a worldie to bring the scores level just minutes before, steps up, dreaming of becoming the hero. The Oxford fans in the stands are chanting incessantly. They can only imagine the scenes if he scores. But they haven’t reckoned with John Harrison. CUAFC’s stalwart goalkeeper, in his 8th season, 5th varsity and 98th appearance. As number 7 runs up, John has a glint in his eye. He has something up his sleeve. And so it turns out to be, as he dives low to his right. He saves the penalty, saves the season, and saves my bacon. Scenes. After a frenzied clearance, a shootout beckons. I’ll be honest - I can’t remember much of the shootout. It’s a bit of a blur. But I do know the final result - 5-4 Cambridge. A 3rd straight varsity victory. An unforgettable night. And one very special man, in John Harrison."

Nomination from CUAFC / Ben A.


3. CU Hockey Club - Women's Blues Varsity Match

Video credit - Galvanised Hockey

"The tankards are flowing!"

"The Women's Blues Varsity team won their varsity match for the first time in 5 years. The game ended in a nail biting 3-3 draw and we won on shuffles - our keeper, Morgause Lomas, was outstanding in goal to ensure that shuffles were won 2-0.

On the fifth and final round the score is 1-0, so if we score, varsity is ours. Bethan Moncur steps up and gets fouled by the GK, taking it to a flick which she smashes into the top left corner. What made it so incredible is we proved it doesn’t take one awesome player, it takes a team of people who believe in themselves and each other, everyone from the freshers to our postgrads played an essential part in helping us to make a moment in CUHC history which will be remembered for years to come."

Nomination from CUHC


4. Alex Schlindwein - CU Fencing Club - Varsity Match

Video credit - Fernando Schlindwein

"The most epic comeback ever by CUFC"

"In this year's Varsity after losing the Sabre match by 11 and then winning Epee by 10, the foil team had to just win their match to be victorious. With a rough start to the match, by the last bout everything seemed lost. Schlindwein entered the piste with a score of 32-40 against Monnet. Could Schlindwein pull a 13-4 in his favor? Slowly but surely he scored point after point with minor setbacks. All under the pressure and noise of a varsity final match.

It was with 6 seconds left and a score of 43-43 that Schlindwein demonstrated his best fencing. With Monnet not being fast enough Schlindwein scores a hit, 44-43. 2 seconds remained, still enough time for the dark blues to bring it back. With great confidence, Schlendwein launches forward and wins not by time running out but by scoring the last point. The whole Cambridge crowd goes wild. We all knew we had witnessed a historic moment, the most epic comeback ever remembered by CUFC. Cambridge went in knowing that Oxford was strong, having been 2nd in Premier League. Schlindwein was the hero that CUFC needed. He showed in his final year at Cambridge that he was not leaving without taking back his beloved trophy."

Nomination from CUFC / Jorge G. C.


Votes for the Sporting Moment of the Year 2020 will close on Tuesday 28 April at 10pm. A maximum of 1 vote per person is allowed, and any duplicate votes will not be counted, so please only vote once!