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UCAPP Athlete Profile: Reese Robinson - Athletics

Name: Reese Robinson

College: Jesus

Studying: Human, Social, and Political Sciences


How does being an athlete make you a better student?

"It allows me to release endorphins everyday, and that is really important when you're at such an academically rigours University like Cambridge!"

Reese's sporting achievements over the past two years include placing in the top 10 on Power of 10 UK rankings for three consecutive years. Reese is a 2x Welsh U20 champion and Welsh Senior Silver Medalist, and was selected for the U20 Welsh vest for the Manchester Internationals, Loughborough Internationals, and Swansea Internationals. This sporting year, Reese aims to make the selection for the Welsh Futures Programme, finish in the top five at BUCS, get her first GB Vest, and be selected for the U20 European Championships in Romania.

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