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Sports Awards 2024 - Newcomer of the Year Shortlist

Newcomer of the Year Award! 

Every year, new students and new committee members make a huge impact in their clubs on and off the field. This award category was introduced to recognise the amazing and transformational influence that those individuals have within Cambridge Sport.  

The nominations for this category were brilliant, and all six shortlisted individuals have come in and made an incredible impression on those around them.  

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Here's more about each of our nominees: 


1. Arjun Kudinoor, Taekwondo Club 

Arjun has had such a profound impact on CUTKD that we often have to remind ourselves that he’s only been here for one year.  

Though Arjun is very new to us, he is by no means new to Taekwondo. He is the only member of our club to hold a Black Belt in both North Korean (ITF) and South Korean (WT) style Taekwondo. His expertise can be seen by anyone, be that his precision at technique-based sessions or his speed and tactical genius on the sparring mat, supplemented with an impressive arsenal of spinning kicks.  

Given his experience, Arjun was our only member to compete in both WT and ITF sparring tournaments. On. The. Same. Day. Possibly the highlight of Autumn BUCS was seeing Arjun come back from such a narrow defeat in ITF, to win an incredible Bronze in WT later that day, without having a chance to clear up the blood. That is the sport we play I suppose. 

With all that said, Arjun’s humility knows no bounds, adapting while sparring with lower belts, while still challenging them, and always cheering the loudest at any competition. He compliments this with an incredible sense of humour, leaving most of us at Winter BUCS in stitches, almost so much so that we forgot we had some Taekwondo to do.  

We are devastated to only have Arjun for one year, but will be forever grateful for the amazing year it has been. Arjun has been everything anyone could want from a CUTKD member, and we think he is the perfect candidate for Newcomer of the Year. 


2. Chinedum Okolo, Powerlifting Club

Chinedum (known in the club as Faze) joined the club at the start of this academic year and has gone from strength to strength. Not only have Faze’s performances on the platforms been exceptional, placing 3rd in the recent BUCS championships in arguably the most competitive weight category (-83kg), and being a key member of our 11th consecutive varsity winning team.  

He has been involved in many of the clubs outreach events such as our club training and novice events. Faze plans to complete a PGCE next year and will be an integral part of the executive committee. 

An example of Faze’s astonishing rate of progress was represented in his recent breaking of the clubs -83kg deadlift record, set by Salman Khan (former World University Champion powerlifter). The former record was 305.5kg, a British open age record at the time of setting in 2019. Faze broke this record with a 310kg deadlift in his first year at the club. 


3. Ciara Boaden, Cricket Club 

77* at her first Cricket Varsity at Lords. She's been inspiring in the field, helping developing everyone's boundary fielding skills. Her speed and agility between the wickets has raised the expectations of running singles in the ring. 

Despite being in first year, she has shown immense leadership potential with many players looking to her for advice/support. 

In her first year at CUCC she has already made a huge impact. Most significantly she has an enchanting and motivating enthusiasm for the sport and not to mentioned a huge amount of knowledge. She helps take wickets at almost every match, whether that be bowled by her leg spin, caught, or run out. Can't wait to see what else she does this season and to play under her captainship. 


4. Coralie (Cozzie) Hunt, Association Football Club 

She has been the backbone of Homerton's Women and Non-Binary team, where they achieved promotion to the topflight in their first season as a fully independent team. She has clearly had quite the impact as she has recently been confirmed as the captain for next season. She also scored a hat trick in a friendly - not an overly important detail but an interesting one nonetheless.  

From a uni perspective, as you will be aware, Cozzie was chosen to represent the university at varsity as part of the Women's Merlins. Here, she was part of history keeping a clean sheet in a 7-0 win over our rivals. This was both the first varsity women's 3s match and the biggest result in varsity history. 

More importantly, Cozzie has shed light on some of the issues in our society. Not only an incredible advocate in the LGBTQ+ society, but she has also been part of a huge campaign 'More Than Just Clothes' with Vanish x Ambitious about Autism.  

"Girls are statistically much less likely to receive an Autism diagnosis/more likely to receive a late one, leading to complicated teen-hoods trying to navigate a neurotypical world without support. This was my experience, going undiagnosed until I was 17 years old. Although I appear fairly open with my Autism, the reality is that I still face a lot of insecurity with being diagnosed. I feel constantly as if I need to prove myself to others that I am capable of not just existing but excelling in spaces like the football community and the workplace."  

The project can be viewed here:  

This all whilst studying the Foundation Year programme, a scholarship designed to give academic students from less-affluent backgrounds the opportunity to attend Cambridge based purely on their intellect without the barrier of limited finances. Cozzie has since proven that she’s not only incredibly intelligent, but also an immensely gifted and hardworking sportsperson, leading the team on a winning streak for most of the year. A feat that should by no means be considered easy whilst pursuing a full time scholarship course. 

Trophies and 90th minute winners keep the game exciting; the people that fight for inclusivity and respect are what makes the game 'beautiful'. 


5. Deniz Ozer, Association Football Club

Deniz was 4th in Men's rankings for BUCS assists this season, and the highest in any league of division 2 or above (14 assists).  

He played in every game of a season that saw the blues come within a Varsity penalty shootout and a last-minute goal in the league of winning the treble. Player of the season for CUAFC Blues. 14 assists and 6 goals in BUCS - highest goal output.  

Player of the match in Varsity vs Oxford (as reviewed by Varsity newspaper) including assist for Cambridge's equalising goal. Attended every training session for the entire year. Took on the captain's armband as a first year due to injuries in the club, scoring 5 and assisting 8 as captain.  

Extremely hardworking and positive attitude which has raised standards of all those around him.


6. Lucy Hinde, Riding Club

Lucy is a new member of CURC and CUET (the University Equestrian Team) this year but, after putting in an impressive performance at trials, was immediately placed on the University 1st team.  

She has gone on to produce exceptional results all year, placing individually 1st at two of her BUCS Pool matches and 2nd at her third with some fantastic performances on a range of horses, and helping the team to qualify for BUCS Regionals. She is also an absolute joy to have on the team and always brings a smile and a relaxed attitude!  

While I'm sure she will go on to produce more exceptional results during her time at Cambridge, it would be fantastic for her talent and contribution to CUET's success to be recognised.