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Sports Awards 2021

Due to the impact of the pandemic over the past 12 months, we have changed the award categories to reflect club activity during 2020-21.

The awarding period will run from Easter Term 2020 to Lent Term 2021. This is to ensure we capture those sports that fall in the summer period.



Club of the Year 

This award is based on the success in all areas of a club.  The subject of the nomination form should highlight how the club has succeeded in the areas listed: participation, performance, leadership and sustainability. 

Clubs should demonstrate the impact that has been made – e.g. rather than saying something was ‘really good’, state what made it really good in numbers and feedback.

Club Outreach  


This award is to recognise, in this unique year, the club that has reached out to members, new members, and those not usually engaged in sports activities to support and encourage everybody to be active and remain engaged.   

Clubs who have engaged in fundraising activities over the past year should also be included in this award.  

Nominations should focus on what activities have been run and how this has benefited the club community, university community, and / or local community.  

Unsung Hero 

This award recognises the individual that quietly does all the work that makes the club/team/league etc. function.   

Please list significant achievements by the individual or ways in which they have contributed towards the club, including any instances where they have gone beyond the call of duty. 

Amongst your membership, please also consider coaches, support staff (e.g. Physiotherapist) and committee members (e.g. league secretary) in this award.  

This year especially consider those that have done so much work to keep members engaged, ensure clubs follow COVID protocols which has allowed members to participate in sport when possible, or nominate the individual who has run those zoom quizzes.    

Outstanding Contribution  

This award is for outstanding contribution in all areas of sport and physical activity at the University of Cambridge beyond Club level over an extended period of time (e.g. their course duration at Cambridge).  

The contribution can be in a range of areas, for example but not limited to playing, administration, college sport, committee positions, Hawks/Ospreys, media, club profile, volunteering, fundraising, wellbeing etc.

Club Personality of the Year  

The Sports Personality of the Year is the individual who is the life and soul of your club – they lift the mood and keep heads high. They might not necessarily be a Captain or committee member, but they’re loved by all and your club is a better one to be a part of because of them.  


To submit a nomination to any of the categories please click here. Nominations close on the 6th May 2021