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Strategy for Sport & Physical Activity 2023 - 2027

Bhaskar Vira, Chair of Sports Committee and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education


Having received formal approval from the University Council, the Strategy for Sport and Physical Activity 2023- 2027 details our ambitions for the Collegiate University as a whole.

We aim to create the conditions for greater collaboration around sport and physical activity so that we can deliver activities at our dedicated University sports facilities as well as on the doorstep in Colleges and across University sites. The opportunity to engage in sport and physical activity is such an important part of university life. As the strategy makes clear, our focus is on participation at all levels, while also ensuring that those who achieve excellence have the best possible support. This strategy aims to enable and support the continued pursuit of physical activity and sport at Cambridge, for all, in the best possible facilities, and backed by the most dedicated of professional staff.

You are warmly invited to read the Summary Strategy, available below. Any questions or comments can be addressed to the Sports Service team