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Upgrades to the Strength & Conditioning Room at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre

Strength training and the use of free weights specifically is one of the most popular and effective ways of training. Since the University Sports Centre opened in August 2013 our Strength & Conditioning room has always been a great space to train but with a thriving powerlifting club and growing membership numbers, it was sometimes difficult to find room to train the way you wanted during peak times.  So we wanted to make some changes to make our members workouts even better.

New racks supplied by Blk Box located through the middle of the room. 

We're delighted to reopen a newly reconfigured and improved Strength and Conditioning room this January. Hosting over 20 stations to work out from, this facility will contribute to getting and keeping more people active, both within the University and in the local community. Not only have we more than doubled the number of platforms (18) and added an extra Bench Press specific station, we've also added further equipment such as Nordic curl boards, open Trap bars and Hip Thrust attachments.  We’ve also maintained space for many of the previous favourites such as the Cable machines, the Leg Press, Glute Ham Raise and the Keiser machine.  

Dumbbell rack located at the end of the room with 4 benches available for use. 

Our Fitness, Strength & Conditioning Manager, Tristan Coles said "It's fantastic that we've been able to invest in improving the S & C room which is one of our most popular training spaces.  I am confident that the changes we’ve made will make a big difference to our members training experience and our users will enjoy using all the new ‘toys’.   Whether you are someone who hasn’t used free weights much before or have lots of experience with lifting, I would strongly urge you to try this space out as I’m sure not only will you enjoy the variety that all the new kit provides, you will make some great progress training in such a motivating environment.   Huge appreciation goes to all our members who were so patient during the disruption caused by the upgrade, hopefully it was worth waiting for.  I am very much looking forward to our users taking advantage of the space again after the holidays and want to remind all our members that our team of fitness staff are there to help. If you are unsure how to use any of the equipment or simply wants some advice on technique, our team will be delighted to help. Happy training"  

We're open to everyone and are always happy to show you around on a tour. We have a great offer on membership at the moment until the end of January, find out more here.  

Branded racks supplied by Blk Box