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Result of Hawks’ Club vote on Ospreys access arrangements

The Hawks’ Club Committee is pleased to report that Hawks’ Club Members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of its proposal to formalise the basis on which Resident Ospreys access the Hawks’ Clubhouse.

Resident Ospreys have been using the Hawks’ Clubhouse on an informal basis for a number of years – socially, as guests of Resident Hawks, but also for meetings, prize-giving ceremonies and dinners.

The Committee has now received a clear and strong mandate from Club Members to formalise arrangements. This move will solidify the long-standing history of cooperation that exists between Hawks and Ospreys, and will have far-reaching benefits for both Clubs, as our respective Members continue to work closely together to champion sport at Cambridge and organize joint social, fundraising and community outreach activities.

The Hawks’ Club Committee will now begin the work necessary to implement the proposal. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this matter, please contact

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