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How To Make Exercising At Home More Appealing

How To Make Exercising At Home More Appealing

Exercising from the comfort of your own home can prove to be extremely convenient, you can work out any time and don’t have to travel very far at all! However, at home there are so many distractions, you associate your home with relaxing and family want to spend time with you. Therefore, finding the motivation to do a workout can prove to be challenging, so how do you make exercising at home more appealing? These are some of my top five tips to help you! 


1) Association

You associate your office with work, you associate the gym with working out, you associate your home with relaxing and family. So, it is understandable that your mind is far from motivated for a workout. Find a room in your house, that maybe you don’t use as much, with limited distractions; this is now your fitness space. This room is now associated with exercising, when you enter the space you understand that is where a workout happens. 


2) Limiting Distractions

Limit your distractions in your fitness space, turn your phone on airplane mode, so you just use it for music; or use another device to play music on like an iPod and leave your phone in the other room. Avoid rooms with a sofa and tv if possible, removing temptation means you can focus on your workout. If you have to be in a room with a tv, unplug your tv or put a cover on it, this way you won’t get tempted to sit down and put Netflix on instead of exercising! 


3) Set up Ready 

In your fitness room, if you have a fitness mat or equipment, leave it out in this room. The more you surround yourself with a gym like environment the more motivated you will be. Before you go to bed, why not set up the night before? So when you wake up in the morning, no set up is required you can just get straight on with your workout! You can also put your gym gear out the night before so when you wake up you can put your gym gear straight on; your mind is now also ready for a workout! 


4) Time  

Set yourself a time in the day when you are most likely to go through with it. Also giving yourself a time limit will feel like it is only taking up a certain amount of your day, the other 11 ½ hours, for example, are for resting and family time.  


5) Use your distractions as enablers 

One of the biggest distractions is often your partner or children, why not get them joining in with you? Make this something you can all do together every day as a family, allowing your family time to go hand in hand with your exercise time means you are so much more likely to get a workout done! There are some fantastic family fun workouts you can do together on YouTube! 


I hope some of these ideas help you to find exercising from home an enjoyable endeavour rather than a chore! 

By Lewis Wilson