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Free Gait Analysis

Free Gait Analysis for all members

On Monday 13 November, Advance Performance will be in the Gym at the University of Cambridge Sports Centre offering free Gait Analysis to all members. The gait analysis will run between 5pm and 7pm.

Read below to see what Advance Performance have to say about choosing the correct running shoe for you:


Running shoes – how do you know which one is for you? Do you go for the same as your mate down the club because they are faster than you, do you choose the ones you like the colour of or do you try to get the optimum blend of cushioning and support for your unique running style.

The wrong choice can cause all sorts of problems and there are hundreds of different running shoes available, and they are all slightly different. If your foot is not being supported properly your body will not absorb shock efficiently, and with up to four times your body weight going through your feet when you run this can cause an incredible amount of stress. This in turn can lead to problems not just with the feet but the legs, knees, hips and spine – in short the whole body.

So now you know that the wrong choice can lead to problems, how can you find the right choice?

Shoes for the way you run!

We believe that our 1-2-1 Video Gait Analysis is the best way of choosing running shoes.

All of our staff are trained to take many different variables into account to find the ideal shoe for you, including what we see when we look at your feet while standing and when you run on our in-store treadmill. We will also take into account your build, where you run and how far you run.


You can book your appointment at the Sports Centre Reception.