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Training Whilst Under Quarantine

Written by Josh Gooden, Fitness Coach

As you might expect, demand for home-based training equipment is through the roof at the moment. If you were able to get your hands on some equipment in recent weeks, you are one of the lucky ones! Not everyone has been so fortunate but don't worry, you can find a plethora of home-based workouts to complete at home. However, some of them just don’t cut it, perhaps you’ve done bodyweight exercises to death and cannot wait to get back to the addition of using weights again. If this is the case, or perhaps you want some new exercise ideas, check out the content below.

These unprecedented times call for some ingenuity!     

Here I have listed some exercise programmes. As I don’t have any gym equipment at home (Dumbbells, Barbells etc.) I've had to improvise for my own training, using only what I could find in my flat. I trialled a few things and found I can use my rucksack filled with household items (filled water bottles, tins, cans, anything you can think of!) to add load for a few exercises. Trust me, it’s better than it sounds! I have a fairly robust rucksack and wearing it “front ways” worked well for the exercises below labelled “Weighted”.

I am not the most inventive so please tell/show us some ideas of your own in the comments section or tag us in your videos/pictures @camunisport on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Aim for 3 sets of each exercise groups, be sure to give the weighted exercises a go at bodyweight first!


Session A

A1) Weighted Forward Lunge: 8-12 Reps Each Leg

A2) Press Ups: AMRAP


B1) Weighted Bulgarian (Rear Foot Elevated) Split Squat: 10-15 Reps Each Leg

B2) Plank Shoulder Taps: 10-20 Taps

Weighted Bulgarian Split Squat


C1) Weighted Side Squat: 8-12 Reps Each Leg

C2) Dead Bug: 8-12 Reps Each Side

C3) Side Plank Knee Tuck: 10-15 Reps Each Side


Conditioning 30s/15s work/rest: 2-4 rounds

- Speed Squats

- Mountain Climbers                                                                            

- Tuck Ups



Session B   

A1) Weighted Lateral Lunge: 6-10 Reps Each Leg

A2) Plank2PressUp: 5-12 Reps


B1) Weighted Sumo Squat: 10-15 Reps

B2) Side Lying Hip Abduction (Straight Leg Raise): 10-20 Each Side

B3) Weighted Aleknas: 10-15 Reps

 Weighted Sumo Squat 

 Weighted Aleknas


C1) Weighted Split Squat: 10-15 Reps Each Leg

C2) Side Plank Hold: 30s Each Side


Conditioning 30s/15s work/rest: 2-4 rounds

- Speed Squats

- Hand Walkouts

- Butterfly Sit Ups

 Butterfly Sit Up