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Success at BUTTS Field Championships

Success at BUTTS Field Championships

On Saturday the 27th of October nine of our archers attended the BUTTS Field Championships. This was the first student archery competition of the new academic year before we begin the regular BUTTS and BUCS legs of the indoor season. Field archery, often referred to as 'archery golf’ sees archers walking round a course, usually in woodlands, shooting at a variety of targets of different sizes at varying angles and at distances up to 60m away. This event was a mixed round where archers shoot 12 targets in the morning not knowing what the distance is and relying on their own skills and intuition, followed by 12 targets in the afternoon where the distances are known.

A bright but cold start, with frost on the ground, turned quickly to cloud and drizzle by lunch, and then in to rain and briefly snow for the rest of the afternoon with temperatures reaching a high of 4 degrees celsius. Our archers persisted with the course nonetheless, eventually coming home with some glory. Cassandra Lim took gold in ladies’ recurve in her first competition for CUB whilst Jack and Liam narrowly missed out to come away with silver in the compound and barebow categories respectively. Together these three made up the Cambridge team which came second, missing out on the BUTTS Field shield to Warwick. Jack and Cass also set new club and county records for their categories. We hope to keep this success up as we head in to the busy indoor competition season.

It was an enjoyable experience making new friends, with many hoping to do more field archery later in the year, perhaps in warmer and drier conditions. Congratulations to all of our members who took part and thanks to Long Buckby Archery Club for hosting us. Special mention should also be given to our members from warmer climes who persevered through the tough day with minimal complaints.