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RUGBY - Match Report: Bedford vs Cambridge

Cambridge met their biggest rivals, the notorious Bedford University, on home turf this Wednesday. Bedford fielded a much less experienced team than last year, which led them to make avoidable mistakes, but many of their players still posed a threat, making the game all the more exciting. The match started with a big push from Cambridge, both in defence and in attack, allowing a forward try to be scored by CUWRFC newbie Nikki, which was then converted by Sian McGuinness. She quickly followed this by a try of her own, with an impressive run from her own twenty-two, bringing the score up to 14-0 at half time.

Cambridge did not let the rain affect their game and kept steady in the second half, keeping up the great tackling and using the forwards to turn over the ball in the rucks. However, Bedford’s fierce number ten broke the line, but was quickly caught up and tackled from behind by Sian McGuinness, preventing her from scoring. This was followed by a try off the scrum by our very own number 8, Bryony Coombs, bringing the score to 19-0. CUWRFC did not allow themselves to get complacent and kept up the good work in attack and defence, with another try by Sian McGuinness, bringing the score to 24-0. One of the Light Blues main characteristics, their small size and pace, was admirably displayed by Bryony, who went in to score her second try of the match after a long and powerful run through the Bedford defence, showing that the team’s forwards are as fast as their backs. Cambridge’s maintained pressure on Bedford led to many dropped balls and conceded penalties from the red shirts, which enabled the Light Blues to take control of the match and play their game. After Bryony’s try, Sian struck again, providing great support to number 14, Jemima Lane, and scoring her third try of the game, bringing the score to 36-0. As the game drew to a close, CUWRFC had not said their last word, and Clare Donaldson scored a try of her own in the last minute, ending the match on 41-0 for CUWRFC, with 7 tries and 3 conversions. A great match for the Light Blues in which everyone displayed skill and commitment to each other, in support and in defence, bringing them still closer to the top of the BUCS league.

Forward of the Match went to Nikki Weckman, flanker, who looked like she was born playing rugby, and Back of the Match went to Molly Byrne, scrum half, who consistently made great decisions and provided support for her teammates.