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Free Gym Towel Winners

The results of our most attended members in the month of November are in. Congratulations to all winners, it was great to see some real commitment to your healthy lifestyle routine. Please pick up your Free Gym Towel from Reception.

Riaz moola 
Alan Boyl 
Tom Heathcote
Jim Brown 
Barry Haylock 
Nathan Littlefair 
Paul Reid
Jafarr Adam
Wesley Penn
Jessica Walker
Staff / Alumni / Family
Jack Bews
Shahid khan
Xu Hui
Michelle Morters
Rob Scott
Harry Atwal
William Bennet
Liam Wilson 
Jo Short
Elena Gonzalez
Nikolaos Kolisis
Robert Baston
Alex Lawrence
Theodore Tomalty
Duncan Johnstone
Thomas Cowie
Lewis Tara
Sara Robson
Rebecca Wright
Robert Baston