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CUAFC Progress at the WEUFT in China

Continuing their time at the WEUFT in China, CUAFC played Melbourne on Monday, a team that is in the middle of their season and so obviously on good form. It was a good game and could have gone either way until 10 minutes from time when the Light Blues found that the gruelling heat and humidity started to get the better of them and Melbourne scored the only goal of the game.

Next up on Tuesday, CUAFC played the Technical University of Hong Kong, who despite not being noted as a Sports College still gave the game their all. CUAFC won this match comfortably, but as Melbourne had won all three of their games they topped the group.

In the other group, Renmin University also won all three of their games, which means CUAFC will be facing them in the semi final tomorrow. Renmin are a strong team, with several of their players already attached to professional Chinese teams. Despite the fact that this will be the Light Blues’ 4th game in 6 days in extreme heat and humidity with only 15 players, they plan on giving Renmin a tough fight. It should be an exciting match!