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BUTTS Non-Recurve Champs

BUTTS Non-Recurve Champs

Six of our archers participated in the BUTTS non-recurve champs on the 17th of November. Archers can shoot in either of three categories: compound, barebow and longbow. Unlike normal BUTTS legs, the event consists of a Portsmouth (seeding) round followed by head to heads, of which the latter's less predictable nature adds to the thrill of the competition.

The day ended with a "handful" of medals. Jack Atkinson and Kimberley Callaghan clinched the gold medal for the compound and barebow Portsmouth round respectively, while Andrew Browne and Cassandra Lim obtained the bronze medal for the longbow category. On to the head to heads, Liam Pattinson (barebow) and Jack won the silver medal with Kimberley and Cass getting the bronze following a few misplaced shots. The combined team score consisting of a longbow, barebow and compound managed to place us in third place, narrowly missing out in silver to Warwick by a few dozen points.

Following the results, we headed to the Warwick union bar for drinks and and some killer burgers before hitting the road. The non-recurve champs was a nice change of pace, and allowed our non recurve archers a day in the limelight. It's a great place to try out that alternative bowstyle you have been secretly practising in a bid to master all bows.