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Archery 70th Varsity Match, 2019

On the 12th of May, we travelled to Oxford for the 70th annual Varsity match against the Oxford University Company of Archers (OUCofA). The match took place at the Merton field right next to the famous Christ Church in Oxford. After a whole day of lovely sunshine and shooting, our bowmen achieved many great results!


Our experienced team scored a total of 3076, with Eleanor Brug (906 Windsor), Cassandra Lim (766 Windsor), Yang Pei (745 Albion), and Robert Spencer (659 Albion). Unfortunately, we lost to the OUCofA archers by 277 points. However, a massive congratulations to Eleanor Brug, who was not only the highest scoring archer in the whole recurve category, but also raised the club record by 8 points!


For the novices, our team made an excellent performance in their first outdoor season with a total score of 2462. The team consists of Yang Pei (745 Albion), Thomas Burridge (611 Albion), Siling Zhang (566 Windsor), and Lukas Cincikas (540 Albion). Despite their amazing effort, we still did not match the 2628 made by the OUCofA novices.


Two other club records were set by Jack Atkinson (compound) and Kimberley Callaghan (barebow) in their respective categories. A big congratulation to both of them! Also, an honourable mention to our captain, Andrew Browne, who was just 5 points away from winning the longbow challenge! Finally, congratulations to everyone who made the teams and qualified for BUCS Outdoors!


As my second Archery competition ever, I had an amazing time with both the Oxford archers and our Cambridge bowmen! A big thank you to the OUCofA for hosting this year’s annual Varsity match, and I hope to see everyone again in Cambridge next year!

Written by Yang Pei