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First Aid - Register your Interest

First Aid Training

As discussed at the Safety Briefing for Sports Clubs, we have developed a first aid course for University Sports Club members. The course is an e-learning course that can be taken in individual’s own time, with a 1.5hr practical to be arranged afterwards to go through practical elements such as CPR.

When assessing your clubs first aid needs you should consider the following points and I am available to support clubs in assessing your needs if required.

  • The number of teams/squads and the likely number of injuries given the nature of your activities and cover if the trained first aider is not able to be at an activity.
  • The first aid provision of the facilities that you use for training and matches (i.e. if all of your training and fixtures are in sports centres, including the University Sports Centre, then you can rely on the provision by the facility. If you use College grounds and other facilities, you will need your own provision).
  • Whether your coaches and session leaders are first aid trained.
  • Who the appropriate individuals are to get trained (i.e. if possible, only those who are comfortable with the responsibility of being a first aider and do try to have people train who expect to members of the club for a number of years rather than retraining every year).
  • Any NGB, competition or event requirement for first aid that apply to your club.


If you believe your club requires more first aid support please identify suitable club members to attend the course, they can sign up for the course by complete the below webform.