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Inter-Collegiate Sport - Participant Feedback 2023/24

Tell us about your experience participating in the inter-collegiate sports leagues! 

Your feedback really helps us to plan the programme for the future - this is the first ever feedback survey of its kind for inter-collegiate sport, so please share as much detail as you can about your experience during 2023-24. 

Submit your feedback by 30th June, and we'll enter you in a prize draw to win a University of Cambridge Sport hoody


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It is easy to get involved in college sport at my college *
The leagues were well organised *
The fixtures were well organised *
Playing with my college sports club/team represented good value for money (costs vary depending on sport) *
The playing environments (e.g. venue, facilities) were a good standard *
As a result of my participation in the college leagues, I feel fitter and healthier *
I developed my skills and improved in my sport *
I would have liked to play more often *
Participating in a college team has enhanced my experience at Cambridge *
Any additional information you can provide about your feelings towards these statements would be really valuable for us!
This will help us to shape inter-collegiate sport in years to come, and improve the quantity and quality of sports opportunities for students.