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Student Sport Advisory Group

In 2017/18, the Sports Service formed the Cambridge University Student Sport Advisory Group (CUSSAG). We currently have 14 members from diverse range of University Sports Clubs.

The purpose of CUSSAG is to act as the mechanism of consultation for student sport matters at the University of Cambridge, and to consult with the wider sporting community at Cambridge on topics required and feedback to the Group. These matters are wide-ranging, looking at the sport pathway from College Sport to Varsity, through to key club issues including Club Registration, Kit, Transport & Coaching, Sports Fair and Events & Competitions. 

CUSSAG membership for 2021-22:


Name Sport

Matt Williams


George Moran


Dylan Whitaker


Matt Bryan


Lauren Bridgen


Eric Legresley


Louise Shanahan

Hare & Hounds

Frankie Harley


Joa Hoshizaki

Ice Hockey 

Showgo Kimura


Thomas Chalken

Lacrosse - Men

Loïc Lannelongue

Modern Pentathlon 

Junaid Safdar


Elliott Stockdale

Rugby League

Thomas Adams

Swimming and Waterpolo

Lea Wenger

The Opsreys

Through the group, we aim to get the views of as many different student groups so the student voice is represented as fully as possible. If you would like to get involved with CUSSAG and have your say on the future of sport at Cambridge, please contact Lucy McGennity -

In addition, the following staff members meet with the CUSSAG group. 

Nick Brooking

Director of Sport

Lucy McGennity

Sports Club Support Manager

Callum O’Shea

Sports Club Coordinator (BUCS)    

James Barclay Sports Club Coordinator (Registration)