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Student Sport Advisory Group

In Michaelmas 2018, the Sports Service formed the Cambridge University Student Sport Advisory Group (CUSSAG). We currently have 15 members from diverse range of University Sports Clubs.

The purpose of CUSSAG is to act as the mechanism of consultation for student sport matters at the University of Cambridge and to consult with the wider sporting community at Cambridge on topics required and feedback to the Group.

Current CUSSAG membership includes:

Daisy Irving-Hyman Athletic dei23
Alan Walsh Basketball - Men amw202
Becky Illingworth Basketball - Women rki20
Matthew Holland Boat - Women mtoh2
Hannah Fisher Cricket hlf38
Jess Atkinson Cycling jka34
Katy Ewards Football - Women ekse2
Felicia Chang Gymnastics/Ultimate fcwc2
Alexandra Vaideanu Handball agv25
Bethany Mason Korfball bm495
Amelia Miller Lacrosse - Women am2492
Antoine Magre Ski and Snowboard am2310
Sean Jones Trampoline sj481
Ella Unwin Water Polo egi20
Peter Juhasz Yacht pj315

If you would like to get involved with CUSSAG and have you say on the future of sport at Cambridge, please contact