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Couch to 5k - Virtual Run Leaders

Virtual Run Leaders 

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Eleanor Toye Scott

Dept/College: Judges Business School

#WhyILoveRunning “I like running because it’s a chance to enjoy the outdoors while keeping fit, it boosts my mood and it’s free.”



Karen Pearce

Dept/College: Sports Service

#WhyILoveRunning “I love getting outside for a 30 minute run at lunchtime! It helps me to rest my eyes, switch of my brain and get my body moving again! When I get back to work, I feel more energised, focused and ready for the afternoon ahead!”



James Barclay

Dept/College: Sports Service

#WhyILoveRunning “I love running because it gets me outside and exploring areas I would not normally go. I really enjoy (need) a challenge to focus on and this really helps me get out for a run when I do not want to.”



James Powley

Dept/College: Sports Service

#WhyILoveRunning "Its quick and easy! Leave the desk trainers on 30 minutes bish bash bosh job done and feeling good."