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The Benefits of Yoga for Sport

Yoga for Sport is a class held at the Sports Centre on Thursdays 1.05pm – 1.50pm. It is aimed at all levels, is suitable for beginners and you do not have to be super flexible to join in!

The class incorporates breathing and mobilising techniques, sport-specific dynamic sequences and static poses, as well as some relaxation. The main focus is to encourage efficiency of breath in your sports performance, build strength and core stability and improve core strength, flexibility and balance, as well as assisting in any injury rehabilitation as you return to sport. Ultimately, it is a great addition to your sport, fitness or gym routine.

Here's what some of our regular attendees have to say about the class:

“What I like best about Yoga for Sport is the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere created by Kate. It's not mega-serious yoga (which would've put me off) but every class is well structured, varied, and tailored to individual needs if requested. I've been attending regularly for about two years now and it's been hugely beneficial in various physical and psychological ways. The class has become an essential part of my training routine and I've tried to incorporate stretches from the class into my gym work out of class. My flexibility and core strength have noticeably improved, and all the work on trunk muscles and hip flexors have made a big difference to my cycling while hamstring and balance work feels great for my running. Also, even though it can sometimes be stressful to step away from the desk for an hour or so, I find the break does me a great deal of good and I always feel relaxed and revitalised after class on a Thursday afternoon. I can't recommend it highly enough!”

Andrew, Triathlete

“I try to get to Kate’s Yoga for Sport class every week. I enjoy distance road cycling and that combined with a relatively desk- based job, can leave me with tense hips and neck. The class manages to relax yet revitalise leaving me feeling well stretched at the end.

Kate always asks individuals if they have any injuries she should be aware of. She will then give options on the different stretches/ poses depending on if it’s your first session or if you attend regularly and can gradually push yourself further. If you have any particular areas you would like to work on, Kate will endeavour to work it into the following week’s class. I have also been known to replicate several of the stretches at home after a long ride!”

Helen, Cyclist

"I have attended several different Yoga classes across Cambridge but have often found them intimidating. As a person who has done a lot of running and aerobic type exercise I have become quite inflexible over the years, but at Yoga for Sport I don’t feel that I am the only person who can’t touch my toes or do the perfect downward dog. Kate is always open to suggestions about areas that you want to work on and it is a good way to escape my desk at lunchtime."

Diane, Fitness Suite Member

If you would like to book – please contact the University of Cambridge Sports Centre reception (01223 3) 36580, and I look forward to seeing you in class!

- by Kate Crouch