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UCAPP Supported Athletes 2022/23

UCAPP Supported Athletes 2022/23

Below are the University of Cambridge students currently supported by UCAPP. Watch their profile videos to find out more about each athlete, their achievements, and experiences being a UCAPP athlete!


Angus Harrington (Athletics)

Anna Saunter (Lacrosse)

Benjamin Adams (Squash)

Brandon Teh (Powerlifting)

Dan Twine (Fencing)

Emily Brown (Dance Sport)

Henri Kopra (Fencing)

Isabelle Howse (Netball)

James Ackland (Orienteering)

Jamie Edgerton (Athletics)

Joe Massingham (Athletics)

Louise Shanahan (Athletics)

Luke McCarron (Triathlon)

Matthew Fall (Speed Climbing)

Niamh Bridson Hubbard (Athletics)

Peter Molloy (Orienteering)

Phoebe Barker (Triathlon)

Raghul Parthipan (Powerlifting)

Reese Robinson (Athletics)

Rob MacLennan (Fencing)

Rudi Bruijn-Yard (Fencing)

Sannah Zaman (Cycling)

Adam Dray (Athletics)

Beatrice Wood (Athletics)

Benjamin Adams (Squash)

Emma Jones (Cricket)

Jade Popoola (Netball)

James Ackland (Orienteering)

Jan Helmich (Para-Rowing)

Jeremy Dempsey (Athletics)

Nancy Scott (Athletics)