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This year we have piloted coordinating transport for Sports Clubs primality travelling to BUCS fixtures. This has included driven and self-driven options.

Overall, we believe this has been successful. Our driven transport partner, Cambridge Tours have worked hard to keep costs low and be as flexible as possible for teams competing.

Our self-drive partner, Cambridge Car and Van Rental has caused us some concerns and we have therefore decided to end our relationship with them. We are now working with Enterprise Rent A Car who have offered us favourable rates and lower excess rates in the event of damage to a vehicle.

Our ultimate aim is that we do not have students driving students to fixtures for safety reasons. There are so many considerations to take into account when a member of your club volunteers to drive. Whilst we appreciate that driven transport is not the cheapest option, it is by far the safest. We will continue to work Clubs and our transport partners to achieve the best value and safest vehicles for Clubs. If you have any feedback regarding the transport options this year, please do let us know. 


Transport Policy

All Clubs travelling on coordinated transport must abide by the Sports Service Transport Policy. The Policy applies to all University of Cambridge Sports Club members and representatives, inclusive of committee members, captains, coaches and volunteers. The Policy can be found here.

For more information on transport and how you can book through our partners, please contact bucs[at]