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Grants and Resources

Feedback from the Student Sports Advisory Group (CUSSAG) has led to three substantive changes for the allocation of grants and resources to University Sports Clubs in 2018-19.

1. The application process and grant allocation decisions shall be completed before the end of the academic year.

2. More specific guidance is given, outlining the funding priorities for grant awards.

3. There is greater transparency in how decisions are made, and by whom.

The feedback encouraged student-led criteria setting for the application process, and Sports Service-led decision making with the assessment of applications.

For 2019-20, the Sports Club grant and resource application process shall once again take place via the University of Cambridge Sport Moodle course page: The electronic application form can be found under the ‘Grant and Resource Application’ section, and you are encouraged to save your application regularly when completing so as to avoid losing any work.

If you require access to Moodle to complete your application, or need technical assistance, please contact Lucy McGennity