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Personal Accident Insurance

For the 2023-24 academic year the Sports Service will be providing Personal Accident Insurance for all Sports Club members.

FAQs are answered below.

Who is covered?

The insurance extends to all members of your club. 

How do I ensure members of the club are covered?

In order for members of your club to be covered by the insurance, Clubs must complete this form and return it to We require these details to verify student status with the University and affiliation to your Club. Clubs are able to add new members to the insurance throughout the academic year.

What is covered?

All the details are included in the Elite Insurance Product Information document please email for a copy but this has also been emailed to all club committees. Please ensure you share this with your membership so they are aware of the range and level of cover provided. College sport activity is not covered by the policy.

Does it cover travel? What about overseas?

Whilst an Insured Person is participating in or attending any activity recognised by and under the auspices of the Group Policyholder (the Sports Service) anywhere in the world including organised travel directly from the place of official assembly to the place of the activity at the commencement of a trip and travel directly from the place of the activity to the official place of dispersal upon completion of a trip.

How do I make a claim?

Should an individual wish to pursue a claim, please contact  for initial guidance and support.

Sharing your data

As part of our commitment to ensure your future Alumni records are maintained, the list you provide will be shared with the Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations Office. This is to ensure that your members are linked to your club on the University database for the purpose of future communications and development activity. Should your club wish to opt-in to this service, please indicated on the excel sheet attached.

If you have any questions/queries regarding the insurance policy that are not covered by the attached information, please get in touch with the Club Support Team.