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CU Clubs - University Facility FAQs

CU Sports Club – University Facility FAQs - 14.09.2020 

We have created some FAQs for clubs returning to use University Facilities.

If you have any questions not answered below, please contact



Q- Could there be any changes to the sessions that we have been allocated? 

A: There will be some programme changes as we will need to ensure that there are sufficient cleaning times and to manage the circulation areas of the facilities effectively. Some sports may also not be able to return fully and may wish to reduce sessions/numbers. We will endeavour to keep changes to a minimum and we will communicate any changes to clubs as soon as is possible.  


Q- Is there anything that we need to do once our risk assessment is signed off?

A: Yes, each club will have a meeting with the facility supervisor team to go through facility wide control measures, routing of the one-way system around the centre and resolve any final questions about your activities. This must take place before your first session. Once your risk assessment is signed off, email to arrange your meeting.


Q- In the case that one of our members tested positive or shows symptoms, we may be required to cancel training for a certain period. It is also likely that we will not need all of our slots due to limited numbers in training. What would happen in these scenarios? 

A: If sessions are cancelled for this reason they will be credited/not charged/re-booked. If you would like to reduce/change sessions, please contact We will be as flexible as possible and will need Clubs to also be flexible as there may be operational reasons to have to make changes to the programme.  


Q- Hygiene practicesNGB guidance refers to the possible infection of floors and surfaces. They have recommended cleaning the floors before and after classes. What is the Sports Service’s Policy on this? 

A: Areas will need to be cleaned before, after and between sessions, Equipment and matting will need sanitising before, after (and possibly during) sessions. Clubs will need to allocate time within each booking to ensure that cleaning takes placeThe Sport Service will provide the necessary materials and equipment to clean and Clubs will carry out the required cleaning of their equipment. Cleaning reduces the possible risk of transmission as club individuals are those who will have been using it. In addition, all areas will be cleaned by the Sport Service in-house and contract cleaners daily and we may need to add ‘buffer times’ between sessions if a lot of cleaning/sanitisation is required. 


Q- It seems the most important control measures are to maintain distancing? 

A- That is a fair statement. At all times before and after sessions the normal social distancing rules apply and the rules that will have been laid out by your NGB will also support social distancing measures during your activity wherever possible. The Sport Service have planned routes around the facilities in order to support social distancing and all users will need to follow the rules displayed around the facility. 


Q- Does the Sports Centre have any requirements on us beyond maintaining social distancing during our training sessions?  

A- Yes. The minimum requirements will be the control measures in the NGB guidance for each sport. The Sport Service retains the right to make additional measures where it feels necessary. Away from the activity area, all users must comply with the measures described on all signage around the facilities. 


Q- Who will manage contact tracing? 

A - Each club will be required to hold their own reliable registers for contact tracing if necessary. If a club has member(s) displaying symptoms and/or test positive, notify the relevant University body (Sports Service, College, Department etc.) and as soon as possible. 


Q- What do we do with our personal belongings on site?  

A - All members should come dressed in appropriate kit and ready to train, with minimal personal belongings. There will be very limited lockers and changing room provision and clubs should set aside safe areas for members to keep their belongings in the allocated facility space. 


Q- How many people can attend our sessions? 

A: Clubs should plan on being able to allow numbers based upon your specific NGB guidance. This will then be confirmed prior to your bookings and be may be subject to adjustments dependent on the area you hire, other activities in the facility and arrangements that the Sports Service have to have in place to manage social distancing in circulation areas. We will keep any adjustments to a minimum and only adjust when absolutely necessary. 


Q- Can we leave our equipment at the facility? 

A: Personal kit may not be kept in the facilitiesClub equipment may potentially be stored with prior agreement from the facility management team. Requests must be emailed to 


Q- Do face coverings need to be worn at the Sport Service facilities? 

A: We are currently asking users to wear a face mask in all our facilities when not exercising to help keep everyone safe.  


Q- Where do clubs participants wait prior to sessions commencing? 

A- All Sports Centre users are to wait socially distanced under the external canopy to the right of Reception (as you face the front of the building) prior to being admitted when safe to do so. Please make familiarise yourself with the required internal routing via our website.  


Thank you in advance for your help and support during this challenging time.