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Sports Fair 2022- Bookings

Please complete the form below to book your stall for Sports Fair 2022.

Only affiliated Cambridge University Sports Clubs and Societies are permitted to book a stall at Sports Fair.


Terms and Conditions can be found here

We'll be updating our Sports Club Guide ahead of the new academic year. If you would like to change any of your information or image, please email with the relevant details by 2nd September 2022.


Depending on availability, you Club may do a short demonstration of your sport to give the attendees a state of what they can expect in your club. If you would like to do a demo, please let us know and we'll consider you for the programme.
Where possible, the Sports Service will position you with another club that compliments your own. Please request here which club(s) would be relevant to your sport. For example, the Lacrosse Club may wish to be positioned next to the Women's Lacrosse Club and Mixed Lacrosse Club.
We'd like to provide attendees at Sports Fair with a snapshot of your Club. Please indicate below what levels your club caters for and who, whether you have a Blues Status and if College Sport is available.