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Athlete Profile - Harry Tap

Name: Harry Tapp

College: Bishop Laney Sixth Form

Studying: Extended Level 3 Applied Science and Personal Finance


When and how did you get into sport?

“About 7 years ago. I first got into this sport when I was on a mini break with my family at Center Parcs. I chose the activity of archery and whilst doing it I found myself having a lot of fun and thinking this is something I would do again. When the end of the course rolled around I found out that I beat all the adults and started to think I might be good at this so I decided to reach out to any local clubs near me to start up. After shooting a few times, I was told I had potential.”


What are your top sporting achievements?

- Gaining a place of the Great Britain NAG academy

- Coming 2nd in the individuals at the youth festival

- Becoming indoor and outdoor county champion the majority of my archery career

- Competing in the key event finals where only the best 8 archers in your category may compete


What is your advice for balancing sport and academia?

“To achieve the best through your sporting/academic years it is vital to create and stick to a plan for your day/week. If made correctly you will have time to fit in most things even some social activity. It has definitely helped me become a better, more mature athlete and student.”


What has the support from TASS meant to you?

“It has helped me in a short time become such a better athlete. It has made me understand why upper body strength isn’t just the key to my sport. It has made me understand that there are so many crucial parts to becoming a better athlete that we need to acknowledge and work upon such as nutrition, phycology etc. TASS has definitely made me want to become a better athlete and a better version of myself.”