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Athlete Profile - Sophie Tamblyn

Name: Sophie Tamblyn

College: Magdalene

Studying: Human, Social and Political Sciences, Undergraduate (aka HSPS)

School: St Catherine’s, Bramley


When and how did you get into sport?

“I have always loved sport and being active and have played a number of sports to a high level. I first got into lacrosse when I moved schools, aged 11, and quickly progressed through the talent academies during my school years.”


What are your top sporting achievements?

Representing Senior England lacrosse in California - Jan 2019

Captaining U23 England lacrosse – 2019/20

Captaining Cambridge Women’s Lacrosse Club - 2018/19 and Vice-Captaining Cambridge Women's Lacrosse Club 2019/20


What is your advice for balancing sport and academia?

“Plan your time well in advance - this includes scheduling in time to take a break and relax! I’ve always found that if I schedule in my training and chill-time first, the rest of my time is quite quickly filled with work around that. It’s definitely important to stay disciplined to avoid silly late nights!”


What has the support from TASS meant to you?

“It has been great to have the chance to work with the Sports Service in my personalised S&C sessions. I have found myself pushing myself and improving far faster than I would on my own, in areas that are very specific to my game.”


Anything else you’d like to add?