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Athlete Profile - Sophie Paine

Name: Sophie Paine

College: Wolfson

Studying: MPhil Management

School: Lucaya International School (Freeport, Bahamas)

Previous University: Brown, USA


When and how did you get into sport?

“I picked up an oar on my very first day at Brown. I remember watching the team do an erg test as part of the 'tour' of the boathouse and thinking to myself "this looks absolutely grueling, I want to do this". Five years later and it's still as appealing to me as it was on that very first day!”


What are your top sporting achievements?

Silver medallist at 2019 Under 23 World Championships rowing in the GB Women’s 8+


What is your advice for balancing sport and academia?

“Sports and studies have always existed alongside each other for me and have been the perfect complements. I have always loved having two separate goals and working towards each of those goals in different ways. My biggest piece of advice is to prioritize time management. You can easily excel in both rowing and academics by staying focused and not letting yourself get side tracked. Make a schedule and stick to it - that way you never get to the point where stress becomes unbearable!”


What has the support from TASS meant to you?

“TASS has been an incredible resource for me this year. Each level of support, from physio, to S+C, to sport psychology and nutrition has provided me with useful insights to make me both a better athlete and a more healthy person. Support from TASS has meant that I have not had to face challenges alone, and has given me a network of people that I can trust and rely on to help me succeed.”



Photo credit: AllMarkOne