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Athlete Profile - Raghul Parthipan

Name: Raghul Parthipan 

College: Selwyn 

Studying: Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Risks (MRes + PhD) 


When and how did you get into sport? 

“I initially got into strength-training after I watched the Rocky films. I started with push-ups and pull-ups and eventually progressed to weights. It was completely different to the typical school sports and I really enjoyed it. Coming to University, I first did a year of boxing. However, a year without the gym made me realise that my true calling was strength sports. I discovered the sport of Powerlifting and was fortunate enough to find the Cambridge University Powerlifting Club. It has been a great journey from there on. 


What are your top sporting achievements? 

Representing Great Britain in the European Bench Press Championships. 


What is your advice for balancing sport and academia? 

“Personally, I've found doing Powerlifting more of a necessity as opposed to a task I have to try and fit in. Without it, I'm pretty sure my studies would actually suffer! I find it provides a great physical and mental boost and relief throughout the week. In each session, I can switch off from my academic world and give my full focus to Powerlifting. Doing a heavy set is really a form of mindfulness, I'd say. When you're dealing with a challenging weight, the only thing that is on your mind is the weight itself. It really forces you be present. Knowing I have training to look forward to in the evening (it also involved seeing my friends, of course), is also great motivation to work efficiently during the day.” 


What has the support from UCAPP meant to you? 

“The support from UCAPP has been outstanding. I'm an advocate of excelling in a sport being dependent on a holistic approach, and UCAPP provides it. I've found the mental aspect of sport important to me, so it's been great to work on this through the Sports Psychology sessions. The nutrition support has been useful too - it's an important aspect of Powerlifting so it is wonderful to be able to optimise it with a professional. Things like the support of gym memberships have been amazing, and have allowed me to train at Powerlifting-appropriate gyms when I'm away from Cambridge too. Finally, the core UCAPP team have been great - they're very approachable and willing to help. It's a top scheme.”