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Athlete Profile - Maddy Lee

Name: Maddy Lee

College: Jesus

Studying: Veterinary Medicine

School: Devonport High


When and how did you get into sport?

“I attended a taster session as part of a school activity week in year 9. Having really enjoyed the session I started going to the local club and was soon competing.”


What are your top sporting achievements?

- 3rd at Senior Nationals 2018,

- 2nd at Birmingham International Open 2019,

- 3rd at BUCS individuals 2019,

- Represented Great Britain at U20 World Cups 18/19 season


What is your advice for balancing sport and academia?

“Balancing training with studies and socialising can be difficult, but a busy schedule forces me to be more organised and make the most of the time that I have. Using training as a break from studying helps me to stay focussed when I'm supposed to be working and stops me from feeling guilty about training as I know that I'll be more productive when I return to studying afterwards.”


What has the support from UCAPP meant to you?

“UCAPP has allowed me to work on many aspects of being an athlete that I had not had support in before. Complimenting my usual training this has translated into noticeably improved performances on the piste.”