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Athlete Profile - Luke McCarron

Name: Luke McCarron

College: Jesus

Studying: Medicine (BA in Management)

School: Lumen Christi College, Derry


When and how did you get into sport?

“In 2013, my hometown, Derry City was awarded the UK City of Culture. One of the many activities that was held that year was a triathlon in the city centre. Alongside this race, a much shorter race for juniors was held and I managed to win it. This was my first ever taste of triathlon. However, for the next year or two I was more focused on Gaelic football, having stopped competing in my other main sport, swimming. That said, during this time I started running and cycling with my local clubs. Eventually, in 2016, I begin to start swimming again and I made a decision to give up Gaelic football to focus my attention on pursuing my career in triathlon.”


What are your top sporting achievements?

· Varsity Champion 2019

· 8 out 10 domestic race wins in the 2019 season

· Qualified for the U23 European and World Multisport Championships

· 3rd in National Senior championships 2018

· Shortlisted for 2018 N. Ireland Commonwealth Games team

· Irish Schools’ Champion 2017


What is your advice for balancing sport and academia?

“I have been very lucky to have sport as a major part of my life for so long. However, from the beginning of the GCSEs to present people often have doubts, from my own school mates to professors, about how wise it was attempting to keep both sport and academics going to a relatively high level. On the contrary, I have always found that training and study complement each other. Scheduling my training into each day, forces me to work efficiently and effectively, and puts me in a lot better form when I do sit down to study. I honestly believe that you do not have to compromise when it comes to balancing sport and studies. Just looking around at some of the athletes at Cambridge and further afield demonstrates this.”


What has the support from UCAPP meant to you?

“Receiving support from UCAPP has been superb. For the first time it feels like the university is beginning to understand how important sports are to the life of its students and it is wonderful to see so many of the University’s top athletes thriving as a result. Personally, I had a rough time with injury over winter and having access to a physio that could see me relatively quickly was a big bonus. In addition, a massive advantage of UCAPP has been from a S&C viewpoint. Since being chosen for UCAPP I have been working with Tristan Coles, who has been planning my S&C programme for the last 6 months. The level of professionalism and expertise that he, and the rest of the guys at Cambridge University Sport, brings is next level. I feel extremely fortunate to have them in my corner and I am really looking forward to the recommencing of races to demonstrate how beneficial they have been.