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Return to Play

This page will be updated as new information is available. Last update: 29/06/2020 

The Sports Service will work with Sports Clubs and Societies to create a "Return to Play Plan" to enable a club to return to activity where possible.                                     

Sports Service Process for Return to Play:  

Clubs to communicate intended start date for activity 
Government and National Governing Body permit activity (either at full or reduced capacity) 
Club risk assessment(s) in place for:
        - Activity (including transport)
        - Facility (if external) 
Sports Service review of documentation 
Sports Service Sign off  
Review date 2 weeks after activity has commenced to ensure compliance with guidance and receive feedback from the club regarding how the restrictions are impacting the club
Please get in touch with the Sports Service via if you are planning any activity over the Summer Vacation.  

Webinar Slides 

Thank you to those that attended the webinar on the 25 June 2020. The slides can be found here.

Supporting Handbooks 

Club are encouraged to review the below handbooks. 


Safety@Sport Addendum Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions - Linked to Webinar 

Q. Will the Sports Service you be able to provide return to play guidance for sports societies? 

A. The Sports Service is happy to work with societies as well as sports clubs on a return to play plan.  


Q. Will societies require sign-off from the Sports Service to get started as well? Or is that with the Proctors? 

A. We want to help and support sports clubs and societies across the University to returning to activity where possible, so all will need a final sign off from the Sports Service in conjunction with the Proctors.  


Q. BUCS have suspended all their competition, but we compete in non-BUCS competitions, what should we do?

A: It will vary in each instance. For leagues where University teams make up most, or all of the teams, it is likely that they will also not resume until 2021. However, for some regionalised leagues, especially where University teams are a minority, it is more likely that these will resume as normal. We would advise clubs to keep in touch with the leagues that they compete in, particularly if those leagues have a summer AGM, and likewise let us know of the intended return to play date so we can help you to do so safely.  For some sports where the league is all University teams, it is quite likely that they will resume in 2021 along with other University-only sport, like BUCS.


Q. Our National Governing Body has provided plans for Return to Play, do we just follow these?

A. Largely, yes, however clubs need to consider their local environment and how the guidance can be implemented. It may not be possible to adapt all the new restrictions on activity to your club setting, which may mean you cannot return to play as quickly as you had hoped.


Q. Is there a specific date in mind for the Virtual Sports Fair? 

A. We will plan to run the Virtual Sports Fair on the 5th October 2020. We will provide further details to all University Sports Clubs and Societies once we have confirmation from the University regarding when students will return in Michaelmas. 


Q. For those that might not have seen it, what is the University’s plan in terms of students returning to College etc, especially Freshers?

A. Information and udpates from the University can be found here:  


Q. What is likely to be happening with regard to sports that use college facilities for training? 

A. This will be an evolving situation. It is likely colleges will restrict the amount of non-University members using their facilities. Where possible, the Sports Service will endeavour to make space available, however this will depend on our own capacity levels.