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Gliding Club

Cambridge University Gliding Club 

About Us

Gliding is the most natural form of flying. We rely on warm air currents to provide lift that allows us to fly high and as far as 1000km. We have access to a variety of training and advanced aircraft for pilots of any ability and pride ourselves in taking members with no experience to solo level and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a flexible sporting commitment, a massive thrill or a sport with a newly acquired Blues Status, gliding could be for you.


CUGC operates from Gransden Lodge Airfield, 11 miles West of Cambridge, and is affiliated with Cambridge Gliding Centre and the British Gliding Association.


We hope to hold trial flight days in Michaelmas 2020. Visit our website and sign up to the trial flight mailing list to stay updated.

Blues Status

Half Blue, Extraordinary Full Blue 

Key Contact

Charlie Brooker - enquiries at