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Taekwondo Club

Cambridge University Taekwondo Club



About Us

Join our club to meet awesome people and then kick them in the face! Taekwondo is a Korean martial art most renowned for its formidable kicks. By training in taekwondo with us you can greatly improve your fitness, flexibility and general well-being! We're a WT club that welcomes both students and non-students with a background in both ITF and WT. And don’t worry about getting kicked in the head, we’re all actually very nice people! Throughout the year we gather for fantastic events such as our Freshers’ trip to Little Seoul restaurant, formals, summer garden party, Eurovision viewing, spontaneous spoons trips, amongst other club traditions.


15:30—17:30 on Sundays in the University Sports Centre

20:00—22:00 on Tuesday in the University Sports Centre

Weekly virtual sessions focusing on pattern work will also be uploaded throughout term!


15:30—17:30 on Sunday 11th October

20:00—22:00 on Tuesday 13th October

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Key Contact 

Eleanor Mackay, cutkd-committee at srcf.net