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TASS Supported Athletes 2019/20

TASS Supported Athletes 2019/20

Below are the individuals currently supported by TASS at the University of Cambridge:

Freddie Davidson (Rowing)

Arthur Doyle (Rowing)

Jack Howkins (Para Football)

Showgo Kimura (Judo)

Harry Macdonald (Para Football)

Sophie Paine (Rowing)

Will Palmer (Para Football)

Oliver Parish (Rowing)

Ruby Paul (Archery)

Callum Sullivan (Rowing)

Sophie Tamblyn (Lacrosse)

Harry Tapp (Archery)


For more information on TASS or to find out how to access support, please visit the TASS website  or contact info@tass.gov.uk. For more information about TASS at Cambridge, please contact Tristan at tristan.coles@sport.cam.ac.uk