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Distance to the Moon Challenge

Okay so we never made it the moon, but what if I told you it was never about getting to the moon?  

The whole point of this challenge was to encourage people from all parts of our university community to get outside and get moving. Movement really is medicine and the benefits of doing a little bit of walking, swimming, cycling, rowing or running each week impact positively both on physical and mental health.  

So we may be stuck out in space (anyone know if ‘space’ is on the government’s green list?) but we joined together as a team to cover the entire distance of the earth and then some.  

By the end of the challenge, we clocked up an impressive 49,000km covering 122% of the distance around the earth.  

Thank you to every single person who contributed to our distance total. We want you to keep moving and exploring the outdoors. You never know, this time next year, we may have reached the moon!