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Squash & Fives Return to Play

Squash is returning... 

From Monday 5th October Squash will re-open fully, in line with Squash England's return to squash guidelines and the Sports Service's Coronavirus protocols. Solo use is permitted now.


This will require you to nominate a group of no more than six people to play competitive squash against. Please email the names of your Squash bubble to James Powley (james.powley@sport.cam.ac.uk) before making a booking. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that all guidelines are followed, but the Sports Service will be performing spot checks to ensure players are not competing with others outside of their nominated group. Those playing together from the same household do not need to form a bubble. 

Bookings can be made via the 'CamUniSport' App up to 7 days in advance. Court availability will be staggered to allow time for the required cleaning to take place. All players are requested to assist with the sanitisation of the court area by cleaning high touch points throughout their booking with the materials provided. Access to the Squash Courts will be via the Sport Centre's Strength & Conditioning Room.

Your membership fee will restart on Thursday 1st October 2020. 


The current Coronavirus protocols will need to be adhered to. In addition please note;

·        All bookings must be pre-booked via the 'CamUniSport' app only.

·        Players must arrive on time and leave immediately upon the session completing.

·        Currently there are no spectators allowed.

·        Players should come ready to play where possible, with a change of suitable shoes, as limited changing, showers and lockers will be available. 

·        Members must use their own personal equipment and keep all possessions on court with them.

·        No sweat towels are to be used as per guidance from UK Active. Disposable paper towel is provided.

·        Squash balls are not currently being sold at Reception

·        We are unable to lend any equipment including rackets. 

·        Bring sufficient bottled fluids as there is limited water currently available from outlets. 

·        Avoid touching surfaces as far as reasonably possible.

·        Sanitise any door handles and high touch points/surfaces on entry and exit with sanitiser provided.

·        Follow the Centre's one way route which is clearly marked.

·        The wearing of face coverings in communal areas is encouraged.

·        U18’s court hire is accepted but players must be supervised by no more than one adult off court. 

·        All requirements are subject to change.

Your co-operation to help keep all members, players and staff safe is appreciated.



Squash & Fives update

The Sports Service is continuing to monitor both Government and individual Sport’s National Governing bodies’ advice and guidance, whilst adhering to the Universities required protocols.

The squash and fives courts currently remain closed and a date for their return to normal play and operation is yet to be set. We can however inform players that courts will be available from Monday 14th Sept to allow players to play and for sole/lone use to train themselves and/or also for single players coaching, with coaching delivered from outside the court by 1 coach.

Bookings can be taken from Monday 7th Sept via the Sports service app. Courts will be available and rotated to allow time in between use for required sanitising.

Whilst we appreciate a return to full play benefits all, the Health & Safety of all parties is paramount.

Regular communication between the Sports Service Management and the Squash & Fives Club Officials is taking place. Updates will be provided via all parties’ social media outlets.


The current Centre Covid compliances will need to be adhered to:

· All bookings must be made on line via the Sports Service app only, no walk ups are available

· Hirer must attend on time and leave immediately upon session completing

· No spectators allowed

· Hirer must come ready to play as no showers or lockers available

· Only use their own personal equipment and keep all possessions on court with them

· No towels to be bought in. Use disposable paper towel provided in corridor

· Squash & Fives balls are not being sold at reception

· Rackets & gloves are not being hired at reception

· Bring sufficient bottled fluids- water currently available from filler fountains and from vending machine in reception

· Avoid touching surfaces as far as reasonably practicable

· Sanitise any door handles and any high touch points/surfaces on entry and exit with sanitiser provided on entry

· Follow the centres 1 way routing clearly marked

· Currently face coverings are not required but the wearing of face coverings in communal areas i.e. non activity area is encouraged

· No U18’s hires are accepted unless player is being coached (off court) by 1 x family member or DBS & NGB approved coach

· Please be aware that other activities may be in play during bookings in the Squash & Fives areas

· All requirements are subject to change