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Workshop - How Sport Psychology skills can help with your sporting performance 

The University of Cambridge Sports Service is offering a FREE sport psychology seminar from Helen Davis to support members of our sports clubs.

Helen Davis is a chartered Sport Psychologist and has worked with athletes ranging from novices and fitness enthusiasts to Paralympic, Commonwealth and World champions in a wide range of sports. In this talk Helen will share her experiences of working with athletes and how she develops psychological skills with athletes to help them perform to their potential.

THINK - How often do you physically train your body in your sport each week?

NOW THINK - How often do you train your brain and your mind in your sport each week?

What goes on inside your mind will influence everything that you do in training and competition.  Sport Psychology is not just about helping you deal with problems or issues, it can help you to learn more about how you can be in the best psychological state of mind and perform to your best.

30th January 2020 - 6-7pm, The Pavilion Room, Wilberforce Road Sports Ground

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