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#BFF - Best Friends Free!

#BFF - Best Friends Free!

Let’s mix things up a little this April.

It could be that motivation is beginning to wane and you would appreciate some company, or that you have friends who’ve said they would like to join you at the gym... but never do.

Whatever the reason, this April you have FIVE FREE SESSIONS to hand out to your friends.

However you look at it, it’s a great idea!

Pick up your #BFF Visit Pass from reception on your next visit!

If you have any questions, please contact us on 01223 336580 or email.


Please note, each existing member is entitled to one 5 free visit pass to share between their friends.

A member may only bring one person with them at a time and must always accompany them.

This offer is valid in the month of April only.

All visiting members are required to fill out a membership form, induction waiver and health check form.

The University of Cambridge Sports Centre has the right to withdraw this offer at any time.