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University Sports Clubs

The sports scene at Cambridge is huge. As well as team games, water sports, martial arts, racket sports and aquatics there are plenty of other more unusual and extreme sports available. For more information on what each University Sports Club has to offer, visit their website (see list below).


Amateur Boxing Club  Website  E-mail
Association Football Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Association Football Club  Website  E-mail
Archery Club  Website  E-mail
Athletics Club  Website  E-mail
Badminton Club  Website  E-mail
Basketball Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Basketball Club  Website  E-mail
Boat Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Boat Club  Website  E-mail
Canoe Club  Website  E-mail
Cricket Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Cricket Club  Website  E-mail
Cruising Club  Website  E-mail
Cycling Club  Website  E-mail
Eton Fives Club  Website  E-mail
Fencing Club  Website  E-mail
Gliding Club  Website  E-mail
Golf Club  Website  E-mail
Gymnastics Club  Website  E-mail
Hare and Hounds Club  Website  E-mail
Hockey Club  Website  E-mail
Ice Hockey Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Ice Hockey Club  Website  E-mail
Judo Club  Website  E-mail
Karate Club  Website  E-mail
Korfball Club  Website  E-mail
Lacrosse Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Lacrosse Club  Website  E-mail
Lawn Tennis Club  Website  E-mail
Lightweight Rowing Club  Website  E-mail
Modern Pentathlon Club  Website  E-mail
Netball Club  Website  E-mail
Orienteering Club  Website  E-mail
Polo Club  Website  E-mail
Powerlifting Club  Website  E-mail
Real Tennis Club  Website  E-mail
Revolver & Pistol Club  Website  E-mail
Riding Club  Website  E-mail
Rifle Association  Website  E-mail
Rugby Union Football Club  Website  E-mail
Women's Rugby Union Football Club  Website  E-mail
Rugby Fives Club  Website  E-mail
Rugby League  Website  E-mail
Ski and Snowboarding Club  Website  E-mail
Small Bore Club  Website  E-mail
Squash Rackets Club  Website  E-mail
Swimming and Waterpolo Club  Website  E-mail
Table Tennis Club  Website  E-mail
Triathlon Club  Website  E-mail
Trampoline Club  Website  E-mail
Volleyball Club  Website  E-mail
Yacht Club  Website  E-mail


      Photograph by James Appleton


These Sports Clubs were recognised by the original Sports Syndicate and provide training and competition to elite performance levels.

Links to other recreational Sports Clubs may be found on the Societies Page.

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